Media Kit

This page contains materials our partners may need to help spread the Big Karma message. Feel free to download these and share them with friends, customers or with other brands. We're happy to partner with other altruistic organizations and individuals who are on a mission to do more good. Interested in partnering with us? Send a message and let's start a conversation.


Download our logos for use in digital or print applications.


Download high resolution images of our products for digital or print applications.


Why Big Karma

We want our prices low and the bar for quality high – to keep the benefits and enjoyment of cannabis accessible for everyone. While we love the stories of happiness and healing that our customers share with us, we want our impact to reach even further. We're developing a coalition of vaping volunteers that want to do more good in their communities. Shoot us a message and we'll get you signed up and connected with others like you.


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