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High Quality

For our price range, the quality of our product is unbeatable. Made with clean ingredients and highly desirable terpene profiles.


Big Karma doesn't strive to be exclusive, but inclusive of all of us who want to enjoy cannabis products .


The name of the game is kindness. We are going to do everything in our power to treat you and your community with kindness and respect.


Big Karma is a down-to-earth brand with fun and relaxation at the heart of our personality.

Community Partners

Big Karma creates a ripple effect of kindness by paying it forward to our community partners.

Inhale the Good

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The Herban Exchange was developed to create a sense of community within the cannabis industry, and to empower consumers to use cannabis confidently.

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The Carts for the Arts is an initiative co-founded by Big Karma.  It’s an arts program focused on steering the cannabis industry toward a zero waste future. We do this through advocacy, education and repurposing vape cartridges into art and other useful goods. 

UpKindness is a Sacramento based nonprofit dedicated to creating a kind and sustainable future for all beings and their environments.

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